In a few dates…

1976  Birth in Sens (Yonne-France).

1996  Preparatory year and 1st year of BTS
communication visuelle in ESAA of Troyes (École Supérieure de Design).

2012  I decide to start the artistic project of creations with rusted pieces assembled by the welding.


Vanités industrielles

The items I collect have already been fashioned into something. They have been transformed by human hands, but the value they have for me comes from marks left by the passage of time. Their apparent perfection worn away, they take on the colours and textures of natural materials.

The sites where I collect them also sit between the opposing forces of nature and industry. I am fascinated by abandoned factories, railways and quarries, seeing them as in-between places or even states where vegetation is reclaiming/digesting human constructions.

My work draws inspiration from the way rusted surfaces come to resemble wood, stone or earth, but also from a dimension resembling archaeology. The simple form of these items and the context in which they are discovered recalls artefacts from ancient civilisations.

Through a process of composition and welding together, their original function gives way to a new work of art.