In a few dates…

1976  Birth in Sens (Yonne-France).

1996  Preparatory year and 1st year of BTS
communication visuelle in ESAA of Troyes (École Supérieure de Design).

2012  Start of the artistic project.


Punk archeology

My work is a kind of archeology that doesn’t study the past.
Instead, it tries to show how industrial fossils have the value and the potential for storytelling.
This punk archeology turns its eyes and ears to our own detritus, asking questions of objects that people have long since stopped bothering to talk to.
My research takes inspiration from rusty surfaces and industrial wastelands, showing how the world is constantly changing and that nothing lasts forever.
I use the parts I collect like words, assembling them into new stories.
Collecting apparently insignificant objects in abandoned places is the basis of my work, allowing me to call current modes of production into question.
Repurposing materials, tools and techniques lets me remain in the background while I highlight the absurdities of industrial production.
Welding and DIY techniques play the same role in my work as electric guitars and
synthesizers do in underground music.
These techniques allow me to create expressive and imposing pieces without technical